HID Global USB Fingerprint Readers

The Highest Level of Identity Assurance – Reliable biometric tools for the most secure environments

Whether your use case specifications require certifications (such as FBI, STQC and others), highly durable capture surfaces or special cable connection lengths, we have a fingerprint reader designed to meet your needs.

HID® DigitalPersona® Optical Fingerprint Readers

HID DigitalPersona optical fingerprint readers offer large capture areas, excellent image quality and rapid capture speed all in a compact, durable case. Our optical readers with a silicone membrane provide superior image capture performance for a wide range of skin conditions. This translates to easy, efficient and high-quality image capture – which impact technology acceptance and performance – making our DigitalPersona readers the preferred biometric solution for a range of commercial applications.

90% of all biometric-enabled Point of Sale (PoS) terminals utilize HID DigitalPersona’s fingerprint capture technology.

Digital Persona 4500 fingerprint reader

HID® DigitalPersona® 4500 Fingerprint Reader

The DigitalPersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader is a USB peripheral perfect for individual desk top users, as well as multiple users in shared environments.

Digital Persona 5300 reader

HID® DigitalPersona® 5300 Fingerprint Reader

The DigitalPersona 5300 from HID Global is a compact, optical reader that meets both FIPS 201 PIV and Mobile ID FAP 30 standards.

Digital Persona 5100 fingerprint reader

HID® DigitalPersona® 5100 Fingerprint Reader

The DigitalPersona 5100 is a compact, optical reader that is FIPS 201 PIV certified.

HID® EikonTouch Capacitive Silicon Fingerprint Readers

The EikonTouch family of capacitive USB fingerprint readers provide quick and reliable biometric authentication. Our patented technology reaches up into the ridges and valleys of the fingerprint to capture fine print details. The result is the ability to capture a wide range of fingerprints.  Capacitive silicon fingerprint readers offer a lower profile, smaller footprint and lighter weight form factor than traditional optical readers. Our Digital ID Hardware Engine companion processor enables match-on-device and OTP generation in secure, dedicated hardware. For extremely high volume or harsh environmental use cases, we offer a SteelCoat capture surface coating for added durability.

Eikon Touch 710 fingerprint reader

HID® EikonTouch® 710 Fingerprint Reader

The EikonTouch 710 capacitive fingerprint reader provides quick and reliable biometric authentication and is the only touch silicon FIPS 201 PIV certified single fingerprint reader on the market.

Eikon Touch 510 reader

HID® EikonTouch® 510 Fingerprint Reader

The EikonTouch 510 USB capacitive fingerprint reader provides quick and reliable biometric authentication. It is equipped with durable SteelCoat® protective coating for performance in harsh environments

HID® EikonTouch® TC710 Fingerprint Reader

The EikonTouch TC710 USB capacitive silicon fingerprint reader has a compact design with improved finger guide ergonomics for ease of use and FIPS 201 PIV certification.

HID® EikonTouch® TC510 Fingerprint Reader

The EikonTouch TC510 USB capacitive silicon fingerprint reader features enhanced usability and durability that is ideally suited for high traffic environments such as point-of-sale and multi-user applications.

HID® Lumidigm® Multispectral Fingerprint Readers

Lumidigm® multispectral imaging is a sophisticated technology specifically developed to overcome the fingerprint capture problems found with conventional imaging systems. This more-effective technology is based on the use of multiple spectrums of light and advanced optical techniques to extract unique fingerprint characteristics from both the surface and subsurface of the skin. 

  • Dry conditions — Dry fingertips are common, caused by anything from climate conditions or natural skin characteristics to frequent hand-washing or air travel. Multispectral imaging technology captures high-quality images even when fingers are dry.
  • Wet conditions — Moisture is a fairly common real world condition. Some environments are naturally damp, due to climate (London) or setting (a spa). Some people have moist hands. Multispectral imaging technology captures high-quality images even in wet conditions.
  • Diverse demographics — Biometrics work because people are unique — and yet diverse user populations are difficult for many fingerprint biometrics systems to handle. Multispectral imaging can authenticate anyone, no matter what their age, ethnicity, job or lifestyle.
  • Rugged conditions— People don’t have time to wash and lotion their hands when they use a fingerprint sensor. And yet other technologies require just that to meet performance requirements. Multispectral sensors take people as they are — at the office, construction site, or agricultural field.

HID® Lumidigm® V-Series Fingerprint Readers

Superior performance and liveness detection with enhanced accuracy and image capture speed.

HID® Lumidigm® M-Series Fingerprint Readers

Desktop multispectral imaging for the value-conscious enterprise.

HID® Lumidigm® V-Series Secure Line Fingerprint Readers

Turn your fingerprint reader into a secure endpoint with Presentation Attack Detection (PAD), encrypted communication and physical tamper protection.

HID® Lumidigm® V-Series V371 Fingerprint Reader with OMNIKEY SmartCard Reader

Multispectral fingerprint biometric reader plus contactless card authentication on a single, easy-to-use device

HID® Global Single Fingerprint Modules

Optical OEM Modules

The fingerprint readers are available in module forms for special fabrication needs.

HID® TouchChip® TCET Module

A high performance and low power silicon OEM module ideal for outdoor uses such as Mobile ID and logical or physical access.
TCS1 FIPS 201 5v USB only Silver Bezel - TCETC1FG022