DigitalPersona Altus

DigitalPersona Composite Authentication

Beyond 2FA and MFA. The most complete way to optimize security for every app, every user, every time.

Composite Authentication: The right mix of factors, moment by moment

Achieving complete protection requires organizations to eliminate their dependence on the ability of individuals to adhere to complex authentication policies.


WHAT YOU KNOW     Password, PIN, Recovery Questions


WHO YOU ARE     Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, Voice Recognition


 WHAT YOU HAVE      Smart Card, Contactless Keycard, Proximity Card, Bluetooth Device, One Time Password











WHAT YOU DO     Keystroke, Swipe, Mouse Tracking, Device Orientation


     WHERE YOU ARE      GPS Location, IP Address, Geofencing


       WHEN YOU ACT    Time Frame, Geo Velocity









Only DigitalPersona offers a human-proofed solution that delivers the right level of security through the broadest possible selection of authentication factors – including factors that afford the strongest risk-based protection available.
Go Beyond Traditional Two-Factor And Multi-Factor Authentication
Choose the right configuration of DigitalPersona Composite Authentication from Windows Logon to complete enterprise protection. We make it easy.

dp_altus dp_premium
The DigitalPersona Altus configuration offers the optimal set of authentication factors to provide users with a fast and secure Windows Logon as well as two-factor remote VPN access. DigitalPersona Premium builds on the fast and secure Windows Logon and VPN access found in Altus, adding advanced integration options and SSO (SAML), Access Management API and Password Manager modules.
Features includes:

  • Composite Authentication for Windows Logon
  • Client and Kiosk Support
  • Attended and Self Enrollment Console
  • Server, Policy Engine and DB (AD or LDS)
  • RADIUS VPN Extension

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Features includes:

All Altus features plus:

  • Password Manager for Windows
  • SSO SAML Federation Portal (ADFS-based)
  • Access Management API

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