Nomad USB Reader

Nomad Portable Fingerprint Reader

Compact, space-saving thin film transistor USB tenprint reader

Shed the weight. Portability without compromise.
The Nomad USB reader is an extremely compact, low profile tenprint scanner designed with portability in mind. It’s ideal for applications requiring fully certified collection of four fingers simultaneously, such as livescan ID flats and rolls.

Meets your use case certification requirements
Meets FBI Appendix F IQS and Mobile ID FAP 60 for your portable use case needs.

Low profile, high efficiency
A portable design and high-speed wired connection make the Nomad USB Reader ideal for enrollment jumpkits. Utilizing the Crossmatch common livecan SDK, integration is a snap.

Rapid, high quality image capture
Integrated user guidance icons and image quality confirmation expedite the capture process. Icons indicate left or right hand, finger acquisition sequence, roll initiation and image capture quality.*

* Available on select models

Durable capture surface
All Nomad fingerprint devices have durable image capture surfaces and meet stringent specifications. Unlike other coated TFT sensors that are susceptible to scratching, Nomad readers offer reliable performance without the worry.

Typical use cases for our innovative portable fingerprint reader include:

  • Travel and identity document issuance
  • Border and immigration processing
  • Applicant background check / criminal history record check (CHRC)
  • Voter registration
  • Social program enrollment